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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Many people are chronically tired, but few actually have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Diagnostic Criteria


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is still not fully understood. It is believed that it is the end result of a viral infection
that has damaged the energy-producing mitochondria, brain, and endocrine system.
While no cure is known, natural medicine therapies help substantially.


·    Recurrent fatigue
·    Sore throat
·    Low-grade fever
·    Lymph node swelling
·    Headache
·    Muscle and joint pain
·    Intestinal discomfort
·    Neurological or psychological complains: emotional distress and/or depression,
·    sensitivity to bright light, forgetfulness, loss of concentration and irritability
·    Sleep disturbance (hypersomnia or insomnia)


·    Many research studies have focused on identifying an infectious agent as the cause of CFS.
The Epstein-Barr virus emerged as the leading. In addition to EBV, other viruses have been investigated as possible
causes of CFS, such as : herpes virus-6, Brusella, Borrelia, Giardia lamblia, Cytomegalovirus, Enterovirus and
·    Immune system abnormalities: decreased number or activity of natural killer cells, and/or reduced ability of
lymphocytes, key battle against viruses, to respond to stimuli.
·    Pre-existing physical condition
·    Prescription drugs
·    Stress/adrenal function
·    Depression
·    Food allergies
·    Hypothyroidism
·    Hypoglycemia
·    Anemia and nutritional deficiencies
·    Chronic Candida infection
·    Cause unknown

Diagnostic criteria
(according to the Center for disease control, CDC):
·    New onset of fatigue causing 50% reduction in activity for at least 6 months
·    Exclusion of other illnesses that can cause fatigue

A detailed medical history to identify important factors, which may be contributing to the patient’s feeling of fatigue.
And a complete physical examination and laboratory studies may be needed. Of particular value are assessment of liver detoxification fuction, bowel dysbiosis and gastrointestinal permeability.


A successful treatment requires a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
Especially important is identifying underlying factors which may be impacting energy levels or the immune system,
both the mind and the body need to be addressed.

The first factor to address is an underlying depression which is one of the major causes of  CFS
( in the absence of a pre-existing physical condition). Stress can be the underlying factor in the patient with depression,
low immune fuction or other cause of chronic fatigue.

Exposure to food additives, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other toxins can greatly stress liver
and detoxification processes. This exposure can lead to a condition called “congested liver” which signifies a
reduced ability of the liver to detoxify and could contribute to CFS symptoms. It has been prove in several multiclinic
research studies of chronically ill patients ( suffering from CFS) that hypoallergenic diet  and dietary food supplements rich
in nutrients facilitate liver detoxification and reduce symptoms after 10 weeks.

Identify and control food allergies

Immune support

Lifestyle changes: such as diaphragmatic breathing, proper posture, regular exercise (low intensity activities)
Dietary supplements:
·    High potency multi-vitamins
·    Vit C and E
·    Thymus extract
·    Magnesium and pantotenic acid

Botanical medicine: Eleutherococcus S. and glycyrrhiza

Counselling: to establish a regular pattern of mental, emotional, and spiritual affirmations.

Please be advised: This information is provided for personal interest. 
As every individual case is different, it is essential that a certified health professional be consulted before initiating any
treatment regime.
Should you wish to discuss the specifics of your case you can contact Dr. Comas (416) 515-8493
or e-mail:

To discuss your situation in more detail:
Contact Dr. Comas
tel: (416) 515-8493

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