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CranioSacral Therapy

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Improves the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate negative effects of stress, and
strengthen resistance to disease.


Introduction to the Craniosacral Concept:

Craniosacral therapy: is a gentle hands-on technique involving manipulation of the bones of the skull,
the underlying meningeal membranes and the nerve endings in the scalp. 
It uses the wave-like motion of the spinal fluid to detect and facilitate the release of restrictions in the body tissues
wherever they may occur.
Spinal fluid, as it is created and pumped through the brain and spinal cord, generates a wave-like motion (pulsation),
which is felt throughout the entire body similar to the heartbeat and respiration, but more subtle.
Wherever the wave, or flow, is not perceived fully, signals the practitioner that there is a restriction, which, if not
relieved will eventually produce symptoms. Once restrictions are detected, and with guidance from the practitioner,
the body will attempt to restore balance. 
Often relief can be perceived in one session, or it may take several depending on the nature of the problem and
the rate of speed at which the individual heals; this varies from person to person.

Release of abnormal pressure in the scalp is believed to correct imbalances in the cerebral-spinal fluid system and
allow the body to better heal itself and maintain health.


Craniosacral therapy is used to treat conditions such as:
·    migraine headaches,
·    dizziness,
·    sinusitis,
·    ear problems,
·    arthritis,
·    musculo-skeletal pain,
·    depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue,
·    traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries,
·    chronic neck and back pain.

To discuss your situation in more detail:
Contact Dr. Comas
tel: (416) 515-8493

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