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When degenerative disease conditions develop as statistics tell us happens with over 80% of the mature population,
they are an indication that the normal and natural life-sustaining processes of regeneration are falling into processes of
degeneration. It tells us that the body is no longer able to carry out its own normal metabolic (life-sustaining) activities,
and age is not a reason this should be happening, as we are taught.
We do not degenerate because we get old, we get old because we degenerate…prematurely!

Statistics from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition state that 65% of Western populations are undernourished.
Study after study has repeatedly shown that modern civilizations are deficient in most basic nutrients.
These are essential elements for maintaining proper physiological function and health, and are the primary reason for
our premature degeneration.
We need to seriously take a look at the way we feed our bodies and what we are feeding into them if we are to begin
to positively change the growing percentages of illnesses on our planet.
Diet forms the foundation for a healthy life and is the primary medicine we encourage our clients to utilize.

In building or restoring your "The temple of Life," diet is just one facet of the wholistic module.
Diet must be coordinated with Exercise. It must be recognized that diet and exercise are inseparable and cannot be
considered independently if health is to be optimized.
This synergistic balance of diet and exercise is the way we encourage our clients to lay a solid foundation for
regaining and maintaining superior health.

With Diet & Exercise forming the foundation of good health, we can now build the framework of the temple,
which is character. This involves gaining a new respect for the body as our 'Temple of Life;' it involves developing
discipline, right attitude and behavior, adopting sound belief and value principles to live.
The framework is about making your life count for something. It is about building integrity and character.  
This area of our life needs to be worked on in much the same way as we do on the physical aspects of diet and
exercise for physical health. The framework is about building mental/emotional wellness.

Having laid the foundation (diet & exercise) and constructed the framework (mental/emotional balance),
we need to beautify and protect the structure with the roof of the 'temple.' This is where Spiritual development
finds its place. This is where we learn who we really are, and recognize the higher-power given potential we possess.
It is about the purpose for which we are living our lives.

It is where we establish our vision, based on a purpose, assured by our potential.
This is where we live by faith and not by sight alone.
This is where life becomes meaningful and true peace and happiness can be found.

Lifestyle Programs

All health-building programs we employed,  individualized to the unique needs of the client based on their
comprehensive health assessment, follow this wholistic model of superior health and effective healing.

Phase one is designed to CLEANSE the whole body temple through biologically balanced diet, exercise,
supplementation, character and spiritual development, so that BALANCE of the whole body  temple can be achieved
through right diet, exercise, supplementation, mental/emotional and spiritual development; that it can be effectively
REBUILT through correct diet, exercise, supplementation, mental/emotional development and spiritual development.

Phase two is where one continues to properly FEED the whole body temple, continue to NOURISH it and PROTECT it
from the ravages of the growing percentages of illness by maintaining a biologically balanced diet and exercise program
with supplementation , mental/emotional development and balance and continued spiritual growth and development .

A truly wholistic and very effective lifestyle program designed to Optimize Health, Maximize Life, and Prevent Disease.

To discuss your situation in more detail:
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